Sun hat – for my head.

So, it’s summer time and in order to keep my Goth-pale complexion as Goth-pale as it is, I need a hat.

  1.  I don’t want to spend monies on a hat
  2.  I am incredibly specific in my  hat requirements.
  3.  I like making stuff.

My hat must be very broad-brimmed to keep the sun off my face, pretty and not make my head hot.

Here are the contenders.

A free vintage crochet pattern with matching gloves! Hmmm…

A paid pattern. Better sun coverage, and knitted. Also more recent, but therefore probably better instructions.

Free, translated from Japanese, crochet. Doesn’t meet the requirements for non-hot head but would be easy to fold up and put in my bag.

This hat is pretty much perfect, but also expensive. I think you might get more than just the one pattern, but I do not have the disposable income for it at the moment. *sigh*

Very similar to the Relax Ramie hat, also by Peirrot and therefore an English translation of a Japanese pattern. The body is done in crochet and the ribbon in knitting so it’s a bit more versatile. Also FREE!

I shall mull some more… Damn this decision making process.



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